2021 Rodeo Bible Clinics
                              Q & A for Rodeo Bible Clinics                                

1. How are the Rodeo Bible Clinics different from Rodeo Bible Camp?

      Rodeo Bible Clinics will be 1-day clinics only.  Each student is invited to sign up for one event, which will be held on one of the
three available days.  Check-in for clinics will begin at 8 am and clinics will be over at 6 pm.  Lunch and an afternoon snack will be  
provided (free for student).  A parent or guardian will be required to stay with the student at the clinic all day.

2. What is the cost for lunch?

      A pre-packaged sack-lunch will be provided for the student at no cost.  If the attending parent/guardian would like to have a
sack-lunch, additional lunches are available for $10/lunch and must be reserved in advance at the time of registration.  One
parent MUST stay on the grounds with the student at all times, so if they do not purchase a lunch, they should bring their own
picnic lunch.

3. Are we allowed to stay overnight if we have to travel a long distance?

      The fairgrounds does have a limited number of campsites and stalls available for rent.   You will rent these from the Davis
County Fair Board, not through the Chariton Hiils FCC group.  Campsites are $15/night and stalls are $15/night.  Horses are NOT
allowed to be tied to trailers overnight.  You must provide your own stall bedding and strip your own stall thoroughly before
leaving.  These fees can be paid up arrival.  Contact Barb Cole at (641) 895-6566 with questions about campsites or stalls.

4. Can I leave and run errands while my student is engaged in their clinic time?

      NO!  A parent or guardian is required to stay on the fairgrounds at all times for liability reasons.

5. Do we need to bring a horse for my child’s event?

      You DO need to bring a horse if your child is involved in the following events: Team  Roping, Breakaway Roping, Goat Tying,
Barrel Racing, Horsemanship (optional)

DO NOT need to bring a horse if your child is involved in the following events: Trick Riding, Bull Riding, Horsemanship

6. Do I need to rent a stall, since we are bringing a horse?

      No!  If you are staying just for the day, you do not need to rent a stall!  If you need to stay overnight, however, and are
planning to rent a campsite, you will need to rent a  stall.  Horses are NOT allowed to be tied to trailers overnight.  Stalls are
$15/stall and you must provide your own bedding.  You must also strip your stall before leaving.  Stall reservations and payment
can be made on the day of check-in.  Contact Barb Cole with questions at (641) 895-6566.

7. Can my child enroll in more than one event?

      NO!  Due to limited space, at this time we are only allowing children to enroll in one event.

8. What is the cost of the event?

      The cost is $50/child.  This includes a free lunch for the student. No family discounts or scholarships will be offered this year.
This fee (along with extra lunch fees) are due in full at the time of registration.  We will not be accepting enrollments at the gate.

9. Is there a deadline to enroll?

      YES!  Your student must be enrolled, paid for, and all liability paperwork returned before June 1, 2021!  If all paperwork and
money has not been received by that date, their spot will be offered to another student.  No money or paperwork will be accepted
at the gate.

10. What events are being offered?

      Thursday - Bull Riding, Barrel Racing, Horsemanship
      Friday - Breakaway Roping, Barrel Racing, Horsemanship
      Saturday - Team Roping, Trick Riding, Goat Tying

11. What are the age limits for this clinic?

      The clinic is open to children age 10-17.  If your child is 9 but will be 10 before August 31, 2021, they are eligible to attend
the clinic.

12. Is it necessary to have health insurance to attend this camp?

      Yes. For liability reasons, we are required by our insurance company to provide proof of health insurance for all students.
Christian Cost-Sharing Ministries (such as CHM) are accepted.

13.  How do I register for the 2021 Rodeo Bible Clinic?
Fill out the form linked here (2021 Rodeo Bible Clinic Registration Form).  Then mail the completed form, along with
your check for $50/student to:  Denise Cullum, 18953 State Hwy FF, Livonia, MO  63551-2211.