Frequently Asked Questions

1.  Does my child need to bring their own horse:  

The following events require a horse (that is controllable by the child)
to be brought:
- Team Roping
- Barrel Racing
- Breakaway Roping
- Goat Tying
For all other events, horses are not needed or will be provided.

2.  Can I, as a parent, stay at camp with my child?

No, for the safety of your child, this is a closed camp.  The only adults
allowed at camp are approved staff members.  You may  stay at a
local hotel (information for local hotels will be provided in the
registration confirmation packet) or return home during the camp. You
are, however,  definitely invited and encouraged to attend the rodeo
on Saturday!

3.  What denomination is this camp?

This is a non-denominational camp, but it is run by evangelical
Christians from a mostly Baptist, E-free and Assemblies of God

4.  Does my child need to know how to ride in
order to come to the camp?

No, your child does not need to know how to ride a horse.  However,
we strongly recommend, and may require, that your child sign-up for
the Horsemanship class before attempting the Barrel Racing, Team
Roping, Trick Riding, Breakaway Roping or Goat Tying classes,
unless they have prior riding experience.  The beginning
Horsemanship class is designed for kids that have no prior riding
experience.  The Trick Roping class also requires no prior riding

5. What time should we arrive on Wednesday?

Please arrive no earlier than 3:00 pm!  Registration starts at 3:00.  
Please arrive no later than 4:30 pm!  Registration ends at 5:00 and
your child needs to be settled in and ready for camper orientation at
5:00 pm.

6.  I am 17 years old.  Can I come to camp?

YES!  We changed the ages recently so 17 year olds can register as
campers!  However, if you are EIGHTEEN, you are NOT eligible to
come to camp as a camper.

7.  I am 9 years old.  Can I come to camp?

The lower age limit of camp is 10 years old.  If you will be 10 years old
before August 31st, you are eligible to come to Rodeo Bible Camp.  
Even if you have extensive horse experience, if you are not 10 years
old by August 31st, you may not come to Rodeo Bible Camp.  We'll
look forward to seeing you next year though!  

8.  I am interested in volunteering at camp.  How
do I go about doing this?

First, you need to contact Sara Sevits, Camp Director, at or 660-341-5774 PRIOR TO MAY 1st (but please, no
earlier than February), to find out if there are any openings.  We do
sometimes have need for new helpers - above the age of 18 - though
space is limited and not all willing helpers will be needed.  Typically,
we prefer helpers with horse/rodeo experience, though for some
positions that is not a stringent requirement.  It IS a requirement for all
positions that you be a Christian, professing a relationship with Jesus
Christ, and provide references including church-related references.  
All helpers will be put through background testing and have references
checked thoroughly.  All helpers come on a volunteer basis.

9.  Are coggins papers required for my horse?

Iowa state laws do not require that we check your coggins papers, but
please be aware of your state requirements before hauling.

10.  What else can I do to help with camp?

First and foremost, you can pray for our camp.  This camp is a big
undertaking and we would appreciate any and all prayers for our
campers, staff, instructors, and livestock.  You can also see the
following list of items that we need each year.  We'd be happy to
accept donations of these items or monetary donations to help us
offset the costs.