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Chariton Hills Rodeo Bible Camp Events

Each student will choose one rodeo event to focus on during the camp.  On their registration form, students will mark their 1st, 2nd, and 3rd choices for events.  Events have limited space available and will be assigned on a first come, first serve basis.

All events marked with an asterisk require the student to provide their own horse to use for the event.  In the Horsemanship class, bringing your own horse is optional.

Horses brought by students MUST be controllable by the student and well-behaved, but do not need to be experienced in the event!  Students are here to learn, and experience levels in each event range from beginners to advanced.

Rodeo Bible Camp Events

Barrel Racing

Girls and their horses practice the clover-leaf pattern as they are speeding around the barrels
(for girls only).

Breakaway/Calf Roping

Participants and their horses practice tracking and roping the calf as it bursts from the chute

Bull RIding

Bull Riding

Boys test their strength and skills while attempting to ride the bucking bull
(boys only).

Goat Tying

Participants ride their horse down to the goat where they use their skills to catch, throw, and tie three of its legs together


Participants learn the art of grooming, tacking, and riding horses

Trick Riding

Participants overcome their fears by performing stunts while riding their horse

Team Roping

  Participants learn teamwork as they partner with other campers to head and heel a steer by roping the head and back feet as it bursts from the chute

Trick Roping

Trick Roping

Participants learn the art of handling, twirling, and spinning lassos

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